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This Is Exclusively for the Every-day Woman


Some call me a magician, I call myself a portrait photographer and you've come to the right place for out of this world photos. My inspiration comes straight from Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Hollywood glam. I combine cinematic, magazine-style with the every-day woman to create the ultimate portrait experience. 

I will be with you every step of the way to style, produce, and present your portraits. These portraits will last a lifetime, they are what I call legacy products. This is the quality you've been looking for and the portraits your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Let's create magic,



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You are Wonder Woman & the Queen


Remember that big box covered in faux velvet you crawled on top of at Sears in the 90's? Not much has changed over the years... We still have boxes, ladders, backdrops, and Britney Spears, but one thing has definitely changed and that's YOU. The time has come to update your portraits, so dust off your high-waisted trousers and that black dress you only wear to funerals, because you're about to take the best portraits you have ever seen of yourself.

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What I know for sure


Look, I get it, your selfies get tons of love on Facebook but is anyone swiping right on your online dating app? Carol next door says "looks don't matter in today's society," but is that true? Furthermore, is it true for YOU? Carol can sit on her sofa petting her tabby cat and sipping earl gray, but I know for a fact that when you feel good - you look good. Yes! The energy you carry shines right through your photos. Now that's an Aha! moment...

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Fall in love with yourself in four hours


Okay, maybe not during your shoot, but in just a few weeks you will see yourself in a different light. You're being too hard on yourself - I know that feeling all too well. Most of our criticisms stem from false beliefs we have; but deep inside there's a beautiful spirit, a soul that is pure and beautiful - she's damn sure easier to find than Will from an episode of Stranger Things... 


You give your friends love | You can do the same for yourself


  1. When was the last time you were professionally photographed? See... Shall I continue?
  2. You work hard for the money - it's time to reward yourself for a change!.
  3. At this point in your life you are confident in who you are - wise, strong, successful... Basically a reigning queen.
  4. Those little lines on your face - those are what I call your wisdom map. I can photograph them gracefully. ;) 
  5. I design the shoot with you, exclusively for you. I want you to feel comfortable with your hair, makeup, and wardrobe.
  6. Do you have little ones? They want a portrait of you... No, they haven't told you that, but they do. I promise.
  7. You know that empty wall in your house? I just solved that problem for you. You're welcome.
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You've got to smell this box! 

Hand-crafted in Italy, wrapped in genuine leather, theres no better way to store and display your portraits than in this folio box.

Here's what you don't know about being photographed


I get this all the time...

  • You don't want to photograph me
  • I'm not photogenic
  • I hate my teeth
  • I need to lose ten pounds
  • I have nothing to wear
  • My schedule is really tight right now
  • I'm not the modeling type
  • What would I do with 25 images of myself
  • I hate being in front of a camera
  • I just need a couple of photos
  • I'm not a girly-girl and I don't do dress up
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You don't want to photograph me

Actually, I do. You are exactly who I want to photograph. I know, because you're here, you stumbled onto my page for a reason. My mission is to capture you in a way you've never seen before and show it to you. Basically - I'll prove it!

I'm not photogenic

Okay, let's get this out of the way... Photogenic is not even a thing, it's an opinion. It's my job to make sure that you look stunning in every image. With posing, lighting, backdrop, wardrobe, hair style, makeup, and a little magic everyone is photogenic. I've got you.

I hate my teeth

Great news! I'm not a dentist and you don't have to say "cheese". Capturing your spirit and emotion is all that matters. If you don't want to smile - you don't have to.

I need to lose ten pounds

Don't we all? The secret here is posing, lighting, and wardrobe and I am a master at all three. Side note: If you're interested, I'll tell you how I lost 40 pounds in 8 weeks...

I have nothing to wear

I think that every time I have to change out of my sweats. Luckily, I have a degree in What Not To Wear. The most simple outfits can photograph beautifully. A white button down paired with your favorite jeans, a turtleneck sweater and comfy leggings, or that little black dress (I know you have one). When you book a session I'll send you a style guide with several looks for reference and if you're interested we can even rent designer gowns for that extra "wow" factor.

My schedule is really tight right now

Not that I'm a gymnast or anything, but I'm definitely flexible. I will find a time that works best for you and schedule your session around that. Even if that means away from the studio. I can pack up my gear and we will be shooting on location in no time.

I'm not the modeling type

And I'm not Mario Testino (although his work is inspiring). I pride myself in giving the everyday woman this experience - after all, you deserve to be celebrated. And who said models are the only people that get to have amazing portraits? 

What would I do with 25 images of myself

Good question. What would you do with 25 images of yourself? Would you gift them to your children or significant other? Would you create a gallery wall in your home? Would you keep them safely stored in a hand-crafted Italian leather portfolio box? Would you display a different portrait every month? Would you change your profile picture on social media every month? Would you market your business with them? These are all fantastic things to do with your portraits, but I leave that decision to you. 

I hate being in front of a camera

We have another thing in common, so do I. That's why I'm behind it... Being in front of the camera can be a bit uncomfortable, it's like "all eyes on me" feeling. You'll be surprised at how comfortable you will feel in front of my camera. There's definitely a feeling of friends and family in the studio and I love that feeling.

I just need a couple of photos

You're in luck! After your session you'll preview 25 images. You are not required to purchase them all, you simply pick out the ones you love and purchase those. Done!

I'm not a girly-girl and I don't do dress up

There are no requirements here. Makeup is not a requirement. Hair styling is not a requirement. If you don't want to dress up, you don't have to. During our consultation we will go over wardrobe and what will work best, but to put it simply, bring what you're comfortable wearing.

What are you waiting for? Book below!

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Grab some hairspray and hold your breath

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