Fine Art FAQ's

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers. 

If your question does not appear on this page, ask me personally.


What are your prices?

Pricing varies by mounting option, size and number sold in a single collection, please contact me here for specific pricing questions.

Most of my fine art prints are Limited Edition 20''x16'' and they start at $475.


I take great pride in presenting and preserving limited edition photographs in the best manner possible. My process ensures preservation; each fine art print will last for generations to come without fading or discoloration. Hands down - the best in the fine art world, and exclusively include UV-protected materials, archival paper, and museum-grade products. As you can imagine, museum-grade products cost more than every-day essentials. Art should be passed down for generations and this is how we can make sure that happens.

Artist Proof | Limited Edition | Open Edition

Artist Proofs 1 to 5

My Artist Proofs are the most exclusive pieces in my fine art photographic collections, no more than five prints are produced as Artist Proofs of a single photograph. The Artist Proofs are hand signed and  A/P follows the signature. Artist Proofs in the my collection are extremely limited in nature and are very rare as these special photographic prints are often used for gallery shows, museum hangings, along with being reserved for our very best collectors.

Limited Editions 5 to 100

Limited Edition products are hand signed and numbered by Thomas Campbell representing the highest quality in the art being released. Limited Editions are produced with no more than 100 fine art prints being released (depending on the collection). Often the released photograph is much lower in the edition size depending on the actual image. This keeps the editions very rare and very collectable in nature. 

Open Edition Collections

The "Open Edition Collections" are offered as E-Surface Prints which are the most popular style of printing among top photographers. The E-Surface prints maintain colors very well and are archival. They are not signed or numbered.

Print / Product Sizing

The majority of my work is printed in 20''x16'', 36''x24'', & "40x30'' formats. Most Open Editions are 7''x5'' unless stated otherwise.

If you need a size other than this, contact me, I'll be happy to help you out.